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The Batumi Oil Terminal is located on the bank of Black sea in Batumi, Georgia and renders the clients of service in transfer of oil and mineral oil.

In February, 2008, joint-stock company "KazTransOil" affiliated company of the National Company of Kazakhstan "KazMunaiGaza" Oil the Ltd. Terminal has got Batumi. Batumi Oil the Terminal passes crude oil and mineral oil from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia and other countries of the Caspian region. The company provides to the clients of service on Plums, to Storage and Loading.

Petrotrans Limited, it is forward company of the Batumi Oil Terminal on rail transportation. Working in close cooperation with the Georgian Railway, Petrotrans has sharply increased efficiency of the Georgian railway corridor both has improved service and has increased transportation possibilities. Petrotrans renders the clients railway transport-forwarding services from the Georgian-Azerbaijan border to FOB Batumi. Now Petrotrans, plans to render new services to the clients, offering contracts on transportation from ports of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to Batumi


Batumi Oil Terminal was founded by the Nobel family company Branobel in 1883. Its history is closely intertwined with the development of the Caspian oil industry from the very beginning.

In 1876, Robert Nobel visited Baku looking for wood suitable for arms production; instead they found a local oil industry in its early stages of development. After obtaining a license from the Russian tsar, the Nobel brothers eventually developed the largest operating company in Baku. Within ten years Baku had become the main hub for the worlds emerging oil industry.

In 1883 Branobel began exporting kerosene across Georgia to Batumi. At this time the first storage tanks were built at the Batumi site. Construction of a wood pipeline from Baku to Batumi was first discussed at that time, but the project was not completed until 1906. Terminating at Batumi Oil Terminal, this was the worlds first long-distance pipeline, with a diameter of 200 millimeters.

Today Batumi Oil Terminal remains the largest Georgian oil export outlet on the Black Sea. In 1999 Greenoak Holdings, a company controlled by Jan Bonde Nielsen, bought the terminal, which had fallen into disrepair, and made the necessary investments to turn it into a world-class facility once again.

Today Batumi is a key export point for crude oil and refined products coming from the rapidly expanding production sources of the Caspian Sea region. Oil comes to Batumi via Georgian Railways in rail tank cars which are discharged at modern Estacadas and accumulated in storage tanks. From Batumi Oil Terminals tank farms, products are delivered to the oil pier through a system of pipelines, and loaded onto oil tankers at any of three pier berths or an offshore Conventional Buoy Mooring system, which can handle vessels as large as 130,000 dead-weight tons.

Batumi Oil Terminal includes world-class safety facilities as well as a modern laboratory for monitoring the quality of its customers products.
Batumi Oil Terminal remains an enterprise whose success is crucial for the economy of Batumi and the surrounding region. Along with Batumi Sea Port and Batumitex it employs thousands of local employees. Furthermore, it continues to follow the spirit of the Nobel brothers in supporting many local charities, sporting events and schools.

In February 2008, JSC KazTransOil the daughter company of the National Oil and Gas Company of Kazakhstan JSC "KazMunaiGas" acquired 100% ownership of Batumi Oil Terminal. Since then, Batumi Oil Terminal continues its development.

In 2009, Batumi Oil Terminal became the first company in Georgia and second in history of Bureau Veritas, which has got three ISO certificates simultaneously. This is ISO 9001 for Quality Management System, 14001 Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 14001 for health and safety.

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